We turn business problems into consumer focused solutions.

Our strategy is driven by data.

Our focus on technology helps us predict consumers’ behavior.

We deliver growth based on consumer insights.

We are a performance driven marketing agency.

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“KOI is one of our most trusted and reliable partners in everything we do”. – Rafa Rojo, VRM Group

“If you want a firm that focuses on ROI, while at the same time delivers the ultimate best creative work and service. Hire them”. – Domingo Sadurni, Sadurni Enterprises

“KOI brings world-class talent and service to everything we envision”. – Federico Stubbe, PRISA Group

“After an extensive search, we selected them for our projects in Florida and they have delivered on every aspect of the marketing process”. – Diego Rodriguez, Catalina Developments

  • Driven by Data and Emotions

We relate with our business partners through workflows focused extracting what we know (data) in favor of what we work to achieve (emotions and business outcomes), because one cannot live without the other in a world gone digital.

  • Focused on Performance Driven Outcomes

Leveraging best in class tools and methods are key for developing consistent results. We constantly evaluate and integrate best in class platforms for programmatic media buying, audiences management, social listening, development and optimization. Our company culture focuses on a constant learning agenda, looking towards maximizing all tools in favor of our business partners goals.

  • Fueled by an Endless pursuit towards Innovation

Our teams constantly experiment with the relationships between humans and technology. We constantly look for hidden truths we can use to help our business partners achieve their goals while transforming their audiences lives.



The State of Programmatic Advertising

If there’s one trend in digital marketing that’s growing faster than social media or mobile, it is definitely programmatic advertising. This technology made a revolution in the marketing world, with over 50% of marketers spending a lion’s share of their budgets on programmatic advertising and 66% of them noticing it drives a better ROI than traditional media buying, according to AdRoll report.  

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The State of Attribution

With customer journeys becoming more complex and marketing efforts spreading across many platforms at the same time, attribution is rapidly rising in priority for many marketing agencies and business owners. No one wants to market blind, so attribution is deservingly being pulled into the spotlight when it comes to marketing priorities. So what is the state of attribution in 2017? What are the major trends and challenges? What should we expect in 2018? Here are some key points to consider:

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The State of Mobile Marketing

2016 was the year mobile web browsing surpassed desktop for the first time in history. It has become clear that humanity really enjoys the flexibility granted by modern technologies and 2017 has been unofficially called “the year of mobile”. The launch of Google AMP and mobile-first indexing became a real game changer for many business owners who were forced to finally embrace the fact the age of single-channel marketing is over.

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