Methodology & Services

The process of developing a successful project does not happen overnight. As in any construction, the creation and building of a strong brand takes a thorough vision, hours of thinking and planning, a solid strategy, and most important of all; a talented team of committed people to put it all together.


    What’s the market condition?
    What are our competitors doing?
    What does the buyer want?

    Market Environment
    Competitors Analysis
    Buyers Insight


    Which are the project areas of opportunity?
    What are the goals we want to achieve, in what time and how much are we willing to spend to get there?

    SWOT/MCB Analysis
    Sales & Marketing Milestones
    Timetable & Budget


    What’s our Brand?
    What are we offering that makes us better and unique?
    What should be the tone, mood and manner of our communication?

    Brand Identity
    Value Proposition
    Words Tone and Photography Mood.


    What’s required to be developed before starting a campaign?
    What are the necessary materials to convey the project’s branding, values and attributes?

    Materials, Brochure & Website
    Print & Digital Ads
    Social Media Platforms
    Sales Office Environment


    How does my communications plan integrates all of my vehicles and assets?
    Who am I reaching, and in what timeframe and frequency?

    Media Planning & Placement
    Online & Mobile Digital Ad Placement
    Social Media Strategy & Management
    CRM Prospect Management


    How do I know what’s working and what’s not?
    How do I manage my leads, and convert my prospects into sales?

    Media Cost-Per-Lead Analysis
    Sales Conversion Efficiency
    Social Media Feedback
    Digital Campaign Tracking & Optimization